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Business Line of Credit

A small business line of credit online gives you access to the working capital you need when you need it without the obligations of a fixed term loan. With a business line of credit, you can draw as much or as little as you need as long as you don’t exceed your credit limit. You have the flexibility to draw and repay as many times as you see fit, as long as your business is performing the same way or better than it was when your line of credit was approved. You’ll only pay a fee on the portion of money you draw.

Small Business Lines of Credit are Ideal for:

  • Purchasing new inventory

  • Opening a new location

  • Upgrading or replacing equipment and technology

  • Bolstering your small business’s marketing

  • Filling in cash flow gaps during slow seasons or between projects

Lines of credit for small businesses can benefit attorneysmedical practicesconstruction companiesrestaurantsretailers, and more. No matter what industry you operate in, our expert Funding Advisors will work closely with you to select the best funding option to help you achieve your business’s goals without sacrificing cash flow.
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