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Do you offer financing for your products and services?

Flexxbuy’s core value is to provide businesses with as many customer financing solutions as possible to give them every opportunity to complete a sale. At the core is a multi-lender platform that consists of over 30 lenders supporting high credit and low credit consumers. Within seconds, the applicant will be presented with decisions from the lenders so we don't keep your customers waiting long.

As the merchant (You the Business) you will receive a customized landing page dedicated to your company's branding and image. The question is why wouldn't you offer financing to your customers and clients? They get the product or service from you, and you make money that you probably would have never received, and we do all the work. That's what we call a no brainer!

INDUSTRIES: Coaches, Consultants, Attorney's, Healthcare, Veterinary Clinics, Auto Repair, Music Services, Videographers, Retail, Tax Services, Funeral Homes, Roofing Companies, HVAC Companies, Education and Tutoring Services, and more

Let us Create a Free Customized Financing Landing Page for your Company! 


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Why offer our Consumer Financing to your customers?
  • People want to pay for your products or services but can't afford it.
  • Offering a Buy now Pay Later financing plan will attract more customers to your company.
  • Reduces the chances of customers under-buying, meaning they won't purchase the full service or product because of price.
  • Eliminates the risk of self-financing because your company is not liable for defaults with our program.
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