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Capital Raise Consulting

Raising capital for your business is essential for expansion, operations, and growth. Finding the right strategic partner can be a difficult task, but with Modern Asset Partners we take the time to understand your business model, and vision for your company. Once we get a full understanding, we structure the best deal possible whether it's finding the right investors for an equity capital raise or executing debt financing if not giving up any additional equity is important to you as a company. In addition, we also have the expertise and resources to do alternative capital raising in the form of an STO (Security Token Offering) which has become very popular recently and is proving to be the future of raising money. As a part of all our consultations, we analyze the following:

DEAL STAGE: Post Revenue or Pre-Revenue, Financial Overview, Market Evaluation.

LEADERSHIP: How strong is the leadership and organizational structure in the company?

PRODUCT & SERVICE: What product or service are you selling or offering? How scalable is it? Do you have Patents? Does it have any social impact? Is it something that will be of value for the future and years to come?

INVESTOR MARKET: Identify your target investors based on the product and service you are offering. This allows us to put together a specific marketing strategy to find the right investors who would be most interested in investing into your company.

CAPITAL RAISE: How much capital is needed in order to accomplish your goals without giving up too much equity? 


We offer professional Pitch Deck services. This is an essential part in attracting the attention of potential investors. Find out more by setting up a free consultation. You only have one chance to make a great first impression.

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