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We offer a wide variety of Business Financing products to get you capital at the best rate and term possible.


As Registered Representatives for a National Broker Dealer we use our High-Level investor network to find you qualified equity or debt partners. 


We offer Commercial and Investor Real Estate Loans, for various industries including Hotels, Ground up Construction, Fix & Flip and more.

Business Credit Builder
Lender Complaince Program

Having strong Business Credit can be a deciding factor on whether you get approved for financing, qualify you for larger loan amounts, and get you better rates. With this program we put your company through a proprietary custom scan which does a deep evaluation of your business and gives you detailed information on what you need to do in order to get your business "Bankable". Basically, we are looking at your business from the eyes of a lender, which is priceless information. We will then build your business credit and fix the flagged items that need to be changed or addressed to make your company Lender Compliant. 

Does your Company offer Financing Solutions for your products and services?

Remember, when people don’t buy, it’s usually because they don’t have the money, no matter what other excuse they may give you!

Offer financing solutions to your customers or clients with your companies customized style and brand. Don't leave sales on the table because of price!


Close more business with our Flexxbuy partnership program

Special Discount Available

INDUSTRIES: Coaches, Consultants, Attorney's, Healthcare, Veterinary Clinics, Auto Repair, Music Services, Videographers, Retail, Tax Services, Funeral Homes, Roofing Companies, HVAC Companies, Education and Tutoring Services, and more

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Discover the power of offering payment over price

Allow your customers to Buy Now & Pay Later


Modern Asset Partners LLC was built with the mindset to help entrepreneurs and businesses thrive and grow. Our goal is to provide top of line financial services to business with our main focus on finding capital and getting your company well-funded. Whether it's an acquisition of a new company, refinance on an investment property or simply just a term loan for working capital, we can help. We look at each and every client's specific needs and customize a funding program that meets their goals. Our approach is different because our founders have been in your shoes before and understand what it takes to build a successful company. As entrepreneurs most of their lives they have built successful businesses from the ground up and exited for millions of dollars. This was all possible due to getting the funding when they needed it most. With MAP's private money lender network and investor connections, getting the capital for your company is our obsession. In addition, we offer our clients a proprietary Business Credit Building & Lender Compliance Program which not only builds business credit but more importantly makes your company "Bankable". We look at your company through the eyes of the lender and make sure we check all boxes, which gives your business the best chance at getting approved for financing. This also increases your companies' chances of getting qualified for larger loans, and better rates. In addition to all our other offerings we have partnered with Flexxbuy which allow our clients to offer financing to their customers, so they never lose out on a deal because of price. You can look at it as a similar product to "Buy Now and Pay Later" on steroids. The bottom line is we pride ourselves in helping small businesses become superior and successful companies with our wide array of products and services.

John Young, NY

"Using Modern Asset Partners was the best decision we made for our business. They were able to get us $5M in funding to grow our company and expand to new locations. On top of that their customer service is top-notch".

Nick Young, GA

"It is really hard to trust anyone these days, but Modern Asset Partners did an amazing job for us. They got us $500K in working capital within 5 days. I would definitely recommend them to any business looking for capital".

Lisa Whimsworth, CA

"Modern Asset Partners did an amazing job structuring a deal for us to acquire a new company for $3M. They were always available and made the process simple and straight forward".
Gain early access to third-party vetted private investment opportunities and updated market trends. 
Perfect for accredited investors, family offices, wealth advisors, venture capital companies, and private equity firms looking for new exciting investment opportunities.
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